Welcome to PsyCap Solutions

Efficiently screen and select candidates, faster and informed hiring decisions, and minimize turnover using data-driven assessments and 20+ years of experience for ongoing coaching and support.

PsyCap Solutions provides coaching and consulting services. We focus on talent selection and talent management and are committed to assessing, training, and developing talent. 

By using industrial and organizational psychology principles with a strengths-based approach, we can help businesses hire the right people, develop talented employees, build great leaders, and impact the bottom line.

At PsyCap Solutions we are experts at personality assessments along with a variety of other psychometric assessments (Hogan, PF16, DiSC, MBTI, and Work Style Lens) that go beyond traditional hiring processes helping to predict a more successful hire. PsyCap Solutions offers coaching services, trainings, and workshops to further develop employees, leaders, and teams. 

By identifying our strengths we can develop and manage human resources to achieve our goals and obtain success.

PsyCap Solutions can help.

We find and develop your organization’s next generation of top talent by identifying potential candidates.

We conduct in-depth individual assessments to provide coaching to employees, hiring managers and other leaders, groups or teams.

We evaluate and demonstrate ROI/business impact of pre-employment assessments and talent management programs.

We help organizations and individuals make human capital a clear competitive advantage by providing support and guidance on assessment and talent initiatives.

We support individual and team growth, satisfaction and retention.

We provide training and education on assessments and differentiate between competitors.

We own, develop, and manage ongoing relationships with clients.