Hogan Assessment Certified

Hogan assessments measures personality characteristics, career derailment risks, core value drivers, cognitive ability, and decision-making ability. Hogan assessments provide insight and solutions for employee selection, development, and coaching.

PsyCap Solutions is a distributor of Hogan Assessments. By working with PsyCap Solutions, professionals gain an objective perspective on their career. One-on-one coaching provides essential data and helps clients gain insight and increased self-awareness. Coaching guides clients toward ways they can best leverage their skills that results in greater levels of career fulfillment. Coaching facilitates the individual in moving beyond this insight into data-led development actions.

Personality factors influence organizational effectiveness. Hire the right people without bias to evaluate a candidates fit to any particular job. Match unique personality characteristics desired for the specific role. Reduce turnover, promote diversity and inclusion, identify high-potential talent, develop employees and leaders.

Authorized Distributor of Hogan Assessments.